Alibaba Targets Europe with Digital Marketing


eCommerce giant Alibaba has appointed a new digital marketing agency.

By working with POD Studios, Alibaba is looking to expand its customer base across European markets by leveraging cost-efficient and innovative strategies across key digital channels.

Utilizing the agency’s digital marketing expertise in the B2B sector and international B2C brands, POD Studios is providing Alibaba with a streamlined paid digital strategy, which has a testing framework at its core, in order to identify the most cost-effective ways to engage, build momentum and convert its target audience.

POD Studios will be working as a strategic partner, driving an integrated channel approach whilst executing the campaigns across key digital platforms.

In March 2021, a study released by Alibaba’s global online marketplace, AliExpress, and market research firm, Forrester found that European consumers are more interested than ever in live streaming commerce and “shoppertainment”. The study surveyed almost 15,000 consumers in France, Spain, Poland, and the UK, and found 70% of respondents expressed interest in livestreaming commerce, with almost half saying their interest has increased as a result of the pandemic.

Livestreaming commerce is already a major contributor to eCommerce sales in China, where the innovation first originated, as well as other parts of Asia. According to data from Forrester, livestreaming commerce in China alone will be worth $543 billion by 2025.

In France, AliExpress launched livestreaming in May 2020. Since then, more than 3,000 streams have been hosted by more than 100 local livestreamers. The platform is also recruiting retail store salespeople in France in order to train them to become livestreamers. In Spain, AliExpress said it has established partnerships with eight agencies and worked with 180 local influencers on livestreaming activities.