Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Continues Journey Into The Metaverse


Charlotte Tilbury Beauty is pioneering the journey deeper into the metaverse, creating a quantum shift in virtual-beauty tech with the ground-breaking launch of Charlotte’s 3D volumetric avatar.

Marking the next meaningful step in the evolution of the brand’s mixed reality experience, the launch of Charlotte’s first 3D volumetric avatar alongside the brand’s latest virtual store, see’s Charlotte Tilbury Beauty truly bridging the physical, augmented, and virtual worlds. It offers an immersive interspace experience like no other – allowing everyone, everywhere, the opportunity to access the world of Charlotte Tilbury, making you feel and look amazing.

As Charlotte’s Avatar comes to life, she will bring her presence, expertise, and guidance directly to customers wherever they are in the world. From living rooms to dance floors, cities to beaches, at any time and anywhere in the world, fans, and followers can conjure Charlotte to join them in their space. Charlotte will appear through mobile devices by scanning or swiping, manifesting in augmented reality in front of our eyes – and drawing a magic portal that will transport guests into a dreamy Pillow Talk Party virtual beauty wonderland. Charlotte will take you on a magical virtual journey, guiding you through multiple realities via shoppable 3D products, live-streamed masterclasses, and the ‘Shop with Friends’ functionality – taking you deeper into the Charlotte Tilbury metaverse.

This newest digital innovation from Charlotte Tilbury Beauty further cements the brand’s evolving position as a beauty-tech platform as it continues to explore and elevate the digital customer experience – seamlessly transitioning from physical realities to augmented reality, to virtual reality – Charlotte Tilbury Beauty is the first beauty brand to harness mixed reality technology.

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty has unveiled a truly immersive Pillow Talk universe so that everyone, everywhere can join the Pillow Talk Party!

On entering the Pillow talk party virtual beauty wonderland, customers will be able to explore and shop Charlotte’s award-winning skincare and Iconic Pillow Talk, learn about product application, play and feel in 3D, view exclusive content, plus have the ability to share the experience through ‘Shop With Friends’.

Partnering with experiential eCommerce platform Obsess, Charlotte’s new Pillow Talk Dreamscape will launch with an updated and innovative UX for a truly immersive and transformative customer experience.