GuideCX Raises $25M in Series B Funding

Peter Ord, founder and CEO of GuideCX

After creating and leading the category of Client Onboarding software, GuideCX, the  SaaS solution for customer onboarding and implementation, announced a $25M Series B round of funding led by Meritech Capital Partners.

Other financing participants include new and previous investors: Album VC, Prelude, Sorenson Capital, Epic Ventures, and Orchard Ventures, among others. This investment will accelerate GuideCX’s momentum and solution, giving companies a powerful way to engage their new customers during implementation and onboarding.

“What excites us most about GuideCX is their management team’s focus on enabling faster and higher-satisfaction customer onboarding,” said Paul Madera, co-founder and general partner of Meritech. “During our conversations with GuideCX users, we consistently heard that GuideCX is best in class at improved implementations of new programs with better visibility, understanding and coordination. We are convinced this is a very large market opportunity, and GuideCX is the leader.”

Widely recognized for its strengths in customer engagement, automation and reporting, GuideCX’s customers are creating world-class onboarding experiences and reducing time to value. Since its inception in 2018, GuideCX has changed the way companies approach implementations. In the second half of 2021, companies using GuideCX quadrupled their engagement rate with their customers. Understanding that a low engagement rate is the top cause of failure when implementing a product or service, GuideCX will continue its hyperfocus on providing solutions to enable users to be the best in the world at onboarding and engaging new customers.

GuideCX makes engagement a snap throughout the process by allowing organizations to track progress, make assignments, deliver detailed instructions, provide status updates and review reports on what is and isn’t working well across all projects. The results are dramatic improvements in team bandwidth, project duration and overall satisfaction.

This Series B funding will add resources to further enhance those abilities as GuideCX equips organizations with intelligent automation logic that guides users on how to deliver products and services faster and easier than ever before. Additionally, the GuideCX team will focus on adding hundreds of managed integrated partners into its ecosystem, making its data available for companies to leverage with their existing tech stacks such as CRMs, business intelligence systems, CSM solutions, support ticketing platforms, internal chat tools and more.

“It goes without saying that this funding will help us bring customer onboarding to the next level, especially as we recognize that the main challenge implementation managers continue to face is engagement from those that they are trying to serve,” said Peter Ord, founder and CEO of GuideCX. “Helping teams improve this communication will always be our guiding principle, which is why we will continue to work at achieving our goal of reaching 100%, across-the-board engagement with all external participants.

“We want our customers to be excited for what’s to come and know that there isn’t another group of people in the world more focused on how to make the life of implementation teams, customer onboarding managers, technical setup specialists, design center consultants, and all those who use GuideCX easier, less anxiety-ridden and more enjoyable, because everyone stays on the same page while getting work done faster,” Ord said.