Metaverse Prompting Consumer Desire For Digitally-driven Product Information


The metaverse is prompting a desire for more digitally-driven product information, as part of a widening omnichannel offer, according to a new report from Akeneo.

The research reveals that 42% of UK consumers now want to use augmented reality (AR) to find product information when purchasing items.

In addition, 32% want to be able to use voice commerce technology to find out more about the items they are looking to buy.

Meanwhile, 37% would be open to using chatbots in the future as part of product discovery in their paths to purchase.

However, while digital demand for product information is growing, in-store experiences remain valuable. Some 72% say they use multiple sources and channels when researching a product, and a further 81% have started a product search in-store and have gone on to buy it online.

Some 62% also said they would abandon a purchase due to poor product information, while 65% would stop buying from a brand altogether due to poor product details, saying they would lose trust in that retailer.

“The way we shop is rapidly changing, and it’s essential to understand how and where consumers are engaging with your products and their expectations for your brand,” Akeneo chief executive Fred de Gombert said.

“The product experience you design for your various online channels must first be consistent and second be continued through all the points where your consumers will be making their purchases and returns, be they digital or physical.

“This survey provides retailers with a roadmap of what to prioritise when thinking about their omnichannel strategy, with rich and consistent product experiences being at the top of the list.”