Startek, Krisp Partner To Enhance Agent And Customer Experience


Startek, a customer experience (CX) solutions provider, announced that it has entered into a partnership with Krisp, an AI-powered noise cancellation solutions provider built to enhance the experience of customers and contact center agents by cancelling background noise, resulting in clear conversations.

Startek leverages human-centric CX design to enable brands to deliver world-class experiences by blending automated and live interactions. While digital solutions provide fast, 24/7 support, customers often prefer voice-based conversations in times of high emotional need. Leveraging noise and echo-canceling technology from Krisp will enable Startek to create stronger connections and further enhance the experience delivered to customers across the globe.

Krisp is an AI-powered solution that provides contact center agents and customer experience teams with bi-directional background noise cancellation, voice cancellation and echo cancellation technology that detects and eliminates unwanted noise, leaving only crystal-clear HD audio during every agent-customer call.

“At Startek, we blend AI with live interactions to create the best possible experience for agents and customers alike,” said Abhinandan Jain, Chief Digital Officer at Startek. “Our partnership with Krisp further enhances our ability to listen and respond with empathy to the customer, even when the customer is in a busy environment. By leveraging digital tools to support voice-based interactions, Startek delivers a superior voice-based experience to our client’s customers.”

Startek will also leverage Krisp’s technology to improve the experience for its 45,000 staff across the globe. With 55% of Startek agents working remotely, this technology will empower agents to thrive while working at home.

Krisp’s solution filters out background noises such as pets or children crying and the noise of a busy contact center. By fully equipping agents to block out these noises, they can be confident that the customer can hear them clearly, whether they work in-center or in a home environment.

“Krisp’s AI-powered technology was specifically designed to enhance customer and agent experience,” said Davit Baghdasaryan, CEO at Krisp. “As the only bi-directional noise cancellation solution in the market today, Krisp expertly removes background noise and maintains crystal clear voice quality for both ends of the line. This results in happier customers, improved CSAT scores, and a significant boost in agent productivity and confidence – whether they’re working from home or on-site.”

As part of this strategic partnership, Startek will combine its insights into the world-class, human-centered CX delivery with the technical ability of the Krisp technology to further the development of AI in voice-based CX delivery.