TracyLocke And The LEGO Group Launch The “Store Of The Future”


TracyLocke, a commerce and communications agency, is partnering with the LEGO Group to activate the launch of its “Store of the Future” – a global retail concept rooted in a shopper journey of creativity and imagination.

With expertise in compelling commerce through creativity and brand experience, TracyLocke approached the global campaign with a hyper-local strategy, creating campaigns that appeal broadly to tourists while speaking endearingly to locals in both New York City and Barcelona.

“Our flagship store should always offer the most engaging and innovative experience for our visitors, inspiring creativity, building brand love and encouraging hands-on play,” said Stephane Knapp, Sr. Director of Regional Retail Marketing at the LEGO Group. “Since our first day working together, the TracyLocke team fit right in with creative ideas that bring the LEGO brand values to life through authentic, unique experiences in each market.”

TracyLocke’s involvement began with the new LEGO flagship store in New York City, focused on digital and social with a theme of “If you can build it here, you can build it anywhere.” The partnership peaked with the launch of the Barcelona store with a full omni-channel marketing campaign, complete with a never-been-done-before experiential event to drive earned attention, engagement and visits.

The Barcelona flagship store design was inspired by architect Antoni Gaudí, known for inventing the mosaic art style Trencadis – a process of breaking a porcelain object into smaller pieces to create mosaic artwork more effectively. TracyLocke took a page from Gaudí’s style and celebrated the Barcelona store opening by dropping a 265-pound, nine-foot diameter Trencadis plate made with more than 250,000 LEGO bricks. To bring the experience in store, guests could pick up the loose LEGO bricks and take them inside to complete their own mosaic tile creations in true Gaudí fashion.

“The Barcelona store concept cultivated from a connection between LEGO brand values and the cultural heritage of the city,” said Tina Manikas, TracyLocke President. “Our joint focus on creativity and the future of retail makes for a strong continued partnership. We look forward to additional flagship store launches and continued growth with the LEGO Group.”

TracyLocke began work with the LEGO Group in March 2021 and will continue supporting “Store of the Future” concepts localized to additional markets to pilot the future of branded retail. The agency is currently working on the next store opening in Chengdu, China, scheduled for February 2022.