Victoria’s Secret Launches Digital-only Tween Brand, Happy Nation


The transformation of Victoria’s Secret & Co. continues as it enters a new market and heads for the metaverse.

The lingerie and beauty retailer has launched a new brand, Happy Nation, aimed at tweens ages eight through 13. The collection, available online only, is size-inclusive and gender-free and includes sweats, swim, bras, undies, and family-friendly body care products. Prices range from $5 to about $40.

Victoria’s Secret said it has no plans for Happy Nation retail stores “at this time”. Instead, the digital-only brand will engage its customers on the social and digital platforms they use most. It will activate in the metaverse – a first for any brand within the Victoria’s Secret & Co. portfolio – with a play-to-donate event on a popular youth gaming platform later this summer.

“We want to make sure we’re engaging in ways that feel authentic to and resonate with our Happy Crew, such as our upcoming metaverse integration and presence on one of the most popular youth gaming platforms,” said Susan Anderson, VP of creative at Happy Nation. “Entering the metaverse is such a natural extension for this brand.”

In a release, Victoria’s Secret said that Happy Nation aims to create judgment-free products for tweens that are accepting, inclusive and supportive and will serve a unique need in the market for genuine brands tweens can call their own. The brand is also committed to bringing sustainable products to its customers, including launching clean body care products.

“We heard from tweens and their parents that they felt like there isn’t an apparel or beauty brand that celebrates and lends a helping hand in their evolution,” said Claudine Rankin, general manager at Happy Nation – who led Happy Nation’s brand development. “The tween years can be a time of immense change and challenges yet excitement for both tweens and their parents, and we hope Happy Nation can provide the authenticity that younger generations crave while offering comfy clothing and body care products that kids and their parents can feel good about.”

Happy Nation is the latest initiative in Victoria’s Secret transformation, sparked by declining revenues and backlash over its overtly-sexy image and super-skinny models. Its marketing now stars a diverse slate of models of all shapes and sizes, and the brand has become an advocate for female empowerment and inclusivity.

Victoria’s Secret announced its first male brand ambassador, Darren Barnet, star of Never Have I Ever. He will serve as an ambassador for Pink’s gender-free collection, which includes shorts, T-shirts, accessories and more.

Victoria’s Secret operates nearly 1,400 retail stores in more than 70 countries.