VMLY&R COMMERCE and Sprinklr Unveil Guide to Conversational Social Commerce


VMLY&R COMMERCE UK, WPP’s creative commerce agency, in partnership with Sprinklr, the provider of enterprise software for unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM), has launched a guide on how to create personalized conversations on social media platforms that convert to sales.

Social commerce is escalating. Consumers now see messaging as the best way to engage with businesses – 74% of consumers will message a business to make a purchase. Converting these conversations into sales is challenging for global brands. 

“People are shopping increasingly on social media and direct messaging platforms. While brands are hungry for personalized conversations. The good news is that technology advances are bringing new opportunities to create shopping experiences seamlessly into spaces where people live and love,” said Emmanuel Xiorgiannis, digital and social strategy director, VMLY&R COMMERCE, co-author of the guide. 

Brands are catching on. For example, Nestlé Germany has tapped into consumer cooking trends to craft a personalized version of its successful cooking studio in social, while Microsoft has used AI-powered chatbots to recapture the imagination of visitors to its Instagram and Facebook shops.

Steps to success include:

Audit existing direct messaging experience

An honest look at the experience currently delivered. Is it consistent across every interaction, on every medium? Examine customer satisfaction scores, frequency, length of contacts, number of repeat purchases.  

Understand customer social media and purchase behaviors

Brands often focus on comfortable channels rather than channels customers use. Align behavioral habits with how people use specific platforms.

Set clear goals for the automated experience and integration with human interaction.

From serving existing demand to acquiring new customers, to managing high-volume incoming direct messages. The top ten of popular brand goals today include: add to cart, track my order, stores close to me, browse products, schedule appointments, return and exchange, offers, raise a complaint, and talk to an agent.

“Most people have used social media to find products to purchase. How can brands capitalize on this at scale?” said Rob Middleton, VP of global agency alliances, at Sprinklr. “Sprinklr and VMLY&R are excited to tackle this challenge by helping brands engage 1:1 with every consumer who wants to have a conversation across social media and messaging channels. Optimizing every conversation has never been so simple, and we’re thrilled to share our expertise in this guide.”