36% Of Shoppers Have Bought Online While In A Store


Around 63%, of shoppers are using a phone in-store to research a product before purchase and 36% have bought something online while in a store.

Those are top findings from Bazaarvoice’s 2022 State of Omnichannel Shopping report, which also revealed two-thirds of shoppers prefer omnichannel shopping.

The report polled more than 6,000 global shoppers and over 400 retailers, according to a press release on the findings.

The data reveals that the line between “online” and in-store shopping is getting blurrier as most consumers seek out multiple touchpoints in the purchase decision.

“Not having a robust omnichannel strategy is now a key barrier to success,” Ainslie Fincham, marketing director at Urban Barn, said in the release. “We work to make every avenue available to our shoppers helpful in making a decision to convert, no matter where they end up making a purchase — be it in-store, online or via social media.”

Additional highlights include:

  • Shoppers use a smartphone in-store to look at price comparisons (69%), product reviews (60%), advice from friends/family (33%) and product demos (30%).
  • Three-quarters of those aged 25-34 enjoy a hybrid of shopping methods, but for those aged 65 and older, just over half (56%) do.
  • After seeing a product online, 80% are more likely to go in-store when it has a high price online.

“Consumers are savvier than ever before, researching products before buying them using every touchpoint available, making shopping less segmented than ever,” Zarina Lam Stanford, Bazaarvoice CMO, said in the release. “This allows businesses to utilize the voice of the consumer to their advantage. Providing it online, on social media, and even in-store presents the research materials that shoppers crave no matter where they are.”