58% of Consumers Will Shop Online This Holiday Season


Retailers with an omnichannel strategy won’t be hurt as much as standalone brick-and-mortar retailers if a consumer shopping trend expectation is fulfilled.

Nearly half, 46%, of consumers plan to shop the same in the retail store this year compared to 2021, and 58% anticipate increasing the use of online stores this holiday season.

That’s an 8% increase in online shopping compared to last year, according to a third annual consumer survey from Radial, a bpost group company.

The survey polled 1,000 U.S. adults regarding shopping plans and expectations for the upcoming holiday season, according to a press release.

“The retail sector has undergone significant unpredictability and digital acceleration over the last two years. Supply chain disruptions and evolving consumer behaviors have shifted a formularized market into a dynamic one. The impact of inflation introduces a new variable for brands to plan and strategize around this year,” Laura Ritchey, COO, EVP, Radial, said in the release. “To ensure peak operations run smoothly, it is essential that brands focus on inventory management and measure against consumer demand. The need for sound omnichannel offerings will ensure customers get a great experience regardless of the channel from which their order is fulfilled.”