85% Of Business Decision Makers List Improving CX As The Primary Task


Regarding top business priorities, 85% of business decision makers list improving customer experience and delivering a more personalized experience as the top task.

That’s a prime finding of a Productsup study by Forrester Consulting, “Product To Consumer Management Powers Future Commerce Opportunities.”

The study surveyed 385 global business decision makers responsible for product data strategy on where they see growth opportunities in the next 12 months, according to a press release on the findings.

Looking at external commerce opportunities, respondents ranked increasing social selling (63%) and selling through marketplaces (54%) as two of the three top focus areas. For businesses to capitalize on these opportunities, 61% of decision-makers said they need marketplace experience and social commerce functionalities from their product data technologies.

“With the surge in online shopping, the rapid growth of marketplaces and the emergence of social commerce, consumers now have thousands of products available at their fingertips,” Marcel Hollerbach, chief innovation officer at Productsup, said in the release. “Having full control over your product data is the only way to provide consistent, tailored experiences across every customer touchpoint, which is essential for sustainable, global commerce success.”