Actifai Launches Actifai Digital


The plug-and-play solution delivers AI-powered shopping personalisation, boosting sales effectiveness and the long-term value of new subscriber engagements

Actifai, a software-as-a-service provider delivering a first-of-its-kind AI-powered customer engagement platform, announced the launch of Actifai Digital. The end-to-end digital sales solution utilises AI and machine learning to guide broadband providers’ online shoppers to the right products and services that best meet their needs — without requiring agent interaction.

Based on a recent industry survey from the Capgemini Research Institute, one-third of telco consumers find it difficult and time-consuming to buy products and services online. Actifai streamlines the digital customer experience by guiding prospective customers through an engaging, modern discovery process that uncovers critical information about their needs and interests. It then uses proprietary AI/ML models to generate a personalised recommendation for each unique prospect. By presenting shoppers with a specific offer best aligned with their individual interests, rather than requiring them to navigate a complex lineup of product and service options, Actifai boosts sales conversions, increases new subscriber retention and helps providers optimise their customers’ online shopping experience.

“With the rise in online transactions, it’s more important than ever for providers to make it simple for customers to identify their ideal offer,” said Jeff Vogt, GM and Executive Vice President at Actifai. “Consumers expect a smooth and personalised shopping experience. But overcomplicated catalogues of offers and call or email requirements to finish signing up fail to deliver on that expectation and create barriers that suppress sales. With Digital, we’ve applied AI to create a web-based, self-service consumer experience that is as close to an agent-led sales engagement as possible — and we’re seeing the impact of personalised recommendations in our customers’ results.”

Actifai’s platform is used by leading cable and telecommunications service providers, which are realising up to 30% higher conversion rates on new sales, double the sell-through rate of add-on products and higher sustained retention rates — all of which deliver material gains in customer lifetime value. As competition among service providers continues to increase, particularly in rural areas, Actifai Digital offers providers of all sizes a cost-effective solution to activate their digital sales channels, optimise their customers’ shopping experiences and accelerate subscriber growth.