ActionIQ Releases Industry-First B2B CX Scorecard


ActionIQ, the Enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP), made the CX IQ Scorecard available for the B2B Technology industry. The CX IQ Scorecard is a self-service tool solution that allows B2B Brands to benchmark their customer experience performance against their industry peers and customer preferences.

The industry-first scorecard is based on the CX IQ Index. This extensive multi-industry survey measured the state of customer experience (CX) from businesses and customers in the US.

The CX IQ Index revealed the top trends shaping the CX landscape, including a significant gap between brand perception and performance. While 61% of businesses rate customers as “very satisfied” with CX, only 23% of consumers feel the same. The CX IQ Index Scorecard compiles self-reported performance input across key attributes of CX and then maps the results to overarching CX themes, such as trust, personalization, and convenience. The Scorecard results benchmark the company against industry peers and recommend which investment areas they should focus on to bridge the CX perception-to-performance gap.

“While companies today realize the importance of CX to their growth and bottom line, we find they’re often at a loss as to which CX characteristics they should prioritize and invest in,” said Tamara Gruzbarg, Vice President of Strategic Services, ActionIQ. “The CX IQ Scorecard answers that question – it gives a B2B Technology company a roadmap on how to increase their CX maturity, and how to do that based on what’s most important to their customers.”