Adidas Taps Traceability Platform TrusTrace


Adidas is deploying TrusTrace’s platform to help back up sustainability claims

Adidas is introducing a new tool from a technology platform focused on supply chain tracking to help document the sustainability of its products. The move comes at a time when regulators are signaling repression against environmental marketing, and brands are facing new demands for environmental disclosure. The new TrusTrace tool allows brands to track products to the level of materials, creating a centralized database of certificates and documents confirming companies’ sustainability requirements.

The software compiles data provided by vendors to offer near-real-time information on the resilience of a product as it moves through the system. Sports apparel and footwear brand Adidas is one of the first large companies to adopt TrusTrace Material Traceability & Compliance.

The sustainability verification initiative also gives brands granular visibility into product sustainability metrics, ensuring compliance with standards and regulations, and enabling streamlined decision-making and tighter integration with suppliers worldwide.

“Now you’re talking about millions of products sold, and at every level of the product you need to have evidence. As for marketing and inventory planning, the industry is focused on consumer data for decision making, applying the same principles in the supply chain can be a powerful stimulus for change,” said Shamik Ghosh, Co-founder and CEO, TrusTrace.

Adidas, which has set itself the goal of using only recycled polyester by 2024 and ensuring that by 2025 90 percent of its products are produced in a more sustainable way, will track all certified materials used in its products over the next two years through TrusTrace.The platform will help Adidas provide even more transparency to its sustainable development efforts.