, Lob Partner To Deliver Direct Mail Retargeting Of OOH Ad Exposures

45, the out-of-home (OOH) advertising platform, announced a partnership with Lob, the direct mail automation platform, to provide customers with cross-channel direct mail retargeting.

This partnership enables advertisers to easily and effectively deliver direct mail advertising to an audience of consumers that have been previously exposed to outdoor ads.

“It’s well-known that increasing the number and diversity of consumer touchpoints boosts response rates –– and that OOH, in particular, enhances the effectiveness of other channels,” said Matthew O’Connor, chief executive officer of AdQuick. “With the increasing decline in digital ad effectiveness, savvy marketers are actively seeking to diversify their media mix. By partnering with Lob, we’re pumped to make it easy for marketers to amplify the effectiveness of both their out-of-home ad campaigns and direct mail initiatives through coordinated, targeted, cross-channel campaigns.”

The direct mail retargeting capability is made possible through the use of mobile device location data to track OOH ad exposure. AdQuick shares mobile device identifiers of consumers who have been exposed to OOH ads, and Lob seamlessly ships physical direct mail pieces to these same consumers. Lob offers hyper-personalization and customization options in a number of engaging direct mail formats, like postcards and letters. Delivery can happen at any scale and frequency, meaning that advertisers don’t need to invest millions to capitalize on the benefits of coordinated, omnichannel campaigns. Both platforms offer end-to-end analytics and campaign attribution to enable robust campaign performance measurement for their respective channels and measurable ROI.

“Lob is proud to partner with AdQuick and continues to reinvent the use of direct mail for modern marketers by leveraging data from out-of-home advertising,” said Scott  Cunningham,  head of partnerships for Lob. “Direct mail and outdoor advertising are two necessary marketing mediums that are ripe for enabling data-driven advertising. We look forward to pushing the envelope with one of the most innovative OOH marketplaces available.”