Partners With LiveRamp To Enhance Outdoor Ad Targeting And Analytics


Two of the leading platforms unite to provide advertisers and marketers with first-party data targeting and closed-loop measurement, the out-of-home (OOH) advertising platform, announced a powerful partnership with LiveRamp, a data enablement platform, to enable AdQuick users with first-party data targeting and closed-loop measurement. With this partnership, OOH advertisers will gain access to an array of new targeting and measuring capabilities for both traditional and digital OOH ads, and LiveRamp customers receive the first-of-its-kind pathway to activate addressable audiences in OOH.

“At AdQuick, our mission is to make OOH advertising easier and more data-driven than ever before,” said Matthew O’Connor, chief executive officer of AdQuick. “Now, for the first time, marketers will have the chance to utilize first-party data targeting and closed-loop measurement with traditional outdoor advertising –– not just programmatic digital OOH –– which represents the vast majority of available OOH inventory. This means they’ll be better able to align their marketing strategies across all channels and able to more accurately measure the effectiveness of their OOH campaigns.”

AdQuick had already made it possible for users to target third-party audiences and measure campaign effectiveness through place visitation, but the OOH landscape is rapidly evolving. Now, marketers and advertisers can leverage first-party data targeting to reach their most loyal customers, customer lookalike audiences, lapsed audiences, and more. LiveRamp helps marketers share anonymized first-party data segments with AdQuick, while AdQuick uses behavioral data from mobile devices to rank available ad inventory based on the likelihood of reaching these audiences.

AdQuick users can also close the loop and gain a true understanding of ROI by linking media exposure to actual revenue generated. First-party sales data delivered via the LiveRamp integration can be mapped to OOH ad exposure using mobile device location data to attribute offline sales to OOH media impressions.

AdQuick’s partnership with LiveRamp signals momentum in the transformation of capabilities OOH can offer advertisers and marketers. To learn more about first-data party targeting and closed-loop measurement, please visit