Aimpoint Digital Launches Aimpoint Labs To Deliver AI And ML Solutions


Aimpoint Labs plans to deliver fundamental research and cutting-edge open source and software engineered Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions

Aimpoint Digital announced that its new venture Aimpoint Labs is now up and running. Aimpoint Digital is dedicated to helping businesses develop into analytics-driven organizations by extracting tangible value from data. 

Some of the primary areas of focus for Aimpoint Labs include:

  • Quantum Machine Learning: Improving the ability to build and scale data science solutions by integrating machine learning into quantum computing.
  • AI Research: Development of open-source packages to solve complex business use cases.
  • Software Development: Custom engineering analytical software solutions for internal usage and commercial licensing by working with organizations. 
  • AutoML: Investigating ways to leverage meta machine learning to improve standard ML.

“We don’t want to just sit back and operate as a services company that waits for innovation to create new market opportunities; we want to create our own. Aimpoint Labs provides us with the ability to co-innovate with our academic, corporate, and software partners to advance the areas of Machine Learning, AI, and Operations Research. Over the next 18-months, we plan to release new open-source packages, software solutions, and research to address critical market gaps in analytics adoption,” said Ben Yopp, Managing Partner, Aimpoint Digital.

Aimpoint Labs has recently released an open-source Python package for Cure Rate Survival Analysis called apd-crs. The company is also in the process of developing a new platform to bring the benefits of Reinforcement Learning to the manufacturing industry. It will help improve throughput operations significantly by leveraging the power of Deep Q learning and live streaming product routing.