Alorica Partners With Sanas


Alorica, a provider of next-generation customer experience (CX) solutions, and Palo Alto-based Sanas, an artificial intelligence (AI) linguistic translation software developer, announced a strategic partnership that offers revolutionary real-time accent translation capability to Alorica’s worldwide customer base.

As Sanas’ strategic CX services partner, Alorica will deploy this groundbreaking AI technology to effectively navigate the challenges of dialects and accents when providing insanely great customer experiences across its global footprint.

Sanas’ accent translation technology allows for a deeper comprehension of people’s voices, increased foreign language fluency, and addresses communication challenges between global teams and customers. It enables CX service professionals to choose an accent that best removes friction in real-time while preserving the speaker’s authenticity, an experience that beta users and investors have described as “magical.” Customers want to clearly and easily understand the communication from contact centers and Sanas’ technology will place Alorica at the forefront of that pursuit.

“Linguistic translation allows us to focus on providing the best service experiences in real-time regardless of native dialects that can result in confusion or bias,” said Greg Haller, Chief Executive Officer of Alorica. “Collaborating with Sanas will allow us to deploy this innovative technology throughout our entire infrastructure in a way that lets our CX team members do what they do best – provide industry-leading service without barriers.”

“The goal of Sanas has always been to bring people closer together and allow them to have choices when it comes to their communication styles – something that was previously only possible through extensive speech-language pathology,” said Maxim Serebryakov, Chief Executive Officer of Sanas. “Similar to how consumers would experience service from a local service center, Sanas’ technology brings that local comprehension to consumers from anywhere in the world,” added Sharath Keshava, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Sanas.

The strategic partnership positions Alorica and its clients with first-to-market, exclusive access to the technology and an advisory position with Sanas’ leadership as part of a joint investment in the future of linguistic AI. Servicing over 250 clients across 16 countries in over 30 languages, Alorica specializes in integrating technologies that empower a global workforce to deliver differentiated service experiences.

“Our mission is to provide personalized service and support experiences to clients’ end customers across every industry and geography we serve,” said Andy Lee, Founder and Executive Chairman of Alorica. “As a leader in orchestrating technology and talent to provide strategic outcomes to clients, we continue to invest in solutions that remove friction and enhance the overall quality and execution of that experience.”

A leader in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Customer Service Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Alorica’s strategic partnership with Sanas aligns with the company’s mission to open new global market opportunities and remove bias from the delivery of insanely great customer experiences.