Amazon Launches Sustainable Private Label Product Line


The new Amazon Aware private label assortment expands the e-tailer’s “Climate Pledge Friendly” program.

Amazon Aware includes products in categories such as apparel, home, and beauty. All Amazon Aware goods are designed and made from materials such as recycled polyester, organic cotton, and bio-based ingredients.

Amazon initially introduced its Climate Pledge Friendly label in September 2020. The label signifies that the items have one or more of 19 different sustainability certifications, such as reducing the carbon footprint of shipments to customers.

Available for customers in the US, Canada, and Europe, Amazon Aware includes new items across apparel, home, beauty, and other categories. The assortment encompasses products like dresses, T-shirts, and tank tops; bedding and towels; skincare products; and household essentials.

Amazon Aware products

All Amazon Aware products have certifications that are part of the Climate Pledge Friendly program—and they can be purchased via the Climate Pledge Friendly storefront on or on Amazon Aware.

Amazon partners with third-party certifications, such as the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, a global non-profit dedicated to ensuring the safety, health, and sustainability of products. As part of the initiative, Amazon also launched Compact by Design, an externally-validated certification that identifies products that have a more efficient design.

In July 2021, Amazon added four additional Climate Pledge Friendly certifications:

  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Safer Choice identifies products made with safer ingredients for both human health and the environment.
  • EWG Verified means products reduce chemicals of concern and support companies that are committed to using safer ingredients.
  • Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC) is a certification for food, textiles, and personal care ingredients. ROC farms and products meet standards for soil health, animal welfare, and social fairness.
  • Animal Welfare Approved is a food label that verifies animals are raised on pasture or range for their entire lives on sustainable, independent farms. No routine antibiotics or added hormones, no animal byproducts, and no confinement are used.

“We are committed to creating programs that contribute toward a more sustainable future,” said Matt Taddy, VP, Amazon Private Brands. “We are excited to introduce Amazon Aware, as it’s another step that continues in our commitment to test, learn, and innovate, while offering low-priced, everyday essentials to our customers, all with third-party certifications featured in our Climate Pledge Friendly program.”

Amazon and Global Optimism co-founded the Climate Pledge in 2019, a commitment to reach the Paris Agreement 10 years early and be net-zero carbon by 2040.