Amperity Launches Profile Accelerator


Amperity Profile Accelerator lets companies access customer data in less time

Amperity recently launched Amperity Profile Accelerator to help companies build marketing cloud activations from a single dataset. Amperity Profile Accelerator for Adobe, the first in the series, is available now. Amperity Profile Accelerator lets companies access customer data in less time. Taking customer data from all sources, Amperity’s technology builds a single, unified profile of customers and then seamlessly infuses it into company marketing cloud solutions.

“Our new Amperity Profile Accelerator is a key element of helping consumer brands make the most of customer data to enhance the investments they have already made in other tools. As we continue to help the largest brands handle the most complex data, Amperity Profile Accelerator is another proofpoint that customer data should always be a strategic advantage and never a missed opportunity, no matter what marketing architecture is in place,” said Chris Jones, Chief Product Officer, Amperity.

Amperity Profile Accelerator for Adobe allows companies to leverage Amperity’s technology to build customer databases that conform to a variety of data formats and requirements across Adobe solutions.

Amperity Profile Accelerator for Adobe capabilities includes frictionless ingestion of data from any source; ai-powered identity resolution and unified customer profile creation; intelligent customer attributes for instant usability of the data and ready-to-use customer profile integration into Adobe, coupled with the flexibility to leverage Amperity’s hundreds of other technology integrations.