Amplitude Launches CDP And Campaign Reporting At Amplify Event


Amplitude launched the Amplitude Customer Data Platform, capable of collecting and analyzing event data with its natively integrated product analytics solution and Campaign Reporting tools for digital marketing investments as part of its Amplitude Analytics. Both announcements were made during the company’s Amplify 2022 conference.

Amplitude CDP is designed to help product and marketing teams improve data quality, analyze and discover new audiences, and sync data across their technology stacks.

Amplitude CDP includes the following features:

  • Data planning and governance;
  • A single platform that serves as the foundation for data, the engine for insights, and the driver for action
  • Built-in analytics that unites product, growth, and marketing around shared data

“Customer data platforms entered the market with the promise of making personalization a reality, but aggregating data only step one. As companies look to provide tailored product experiences, they need trusted data that provides insights about their existing audiences and helps them identify new ones, all without unnecessary costs for their business,” said Spenser Skates, CEO, and co-founder of Amplitude, in a statement. “At Amplitude, we have spent the last few years helping customers solve the problems that existing CDPs in the market could not. With the launch of Amplitude CDP, we are now providing customers with the ability to provide meaningful, personalized experiences all from a single platform.”

With Amplitude Analytics’ new campaign reporting tools, marketing and product teams can measure campaign and channel performance alongside downstream product metrics like user engagement and retention. Additional features include outcome-focused Metrics and data tables showing how marketing programs and product usage meaningfully affect key business outcomes such as sales and revenue. Businesses can see from which acquisition channels users are coming across organic and paid sources, understand how marketing programs impact product KPIs using built-in attribution modeling, and understand the cross-channel return on ad investments with brand new integrations into their advertising data platforms.

Additionally, with new outcome-based Metrics from Amplitude, product and marketing teams can create standard metrics to connect behaviors with outcomes, such as sales or revenue. And with new Data Tables, users can measure multiple KPIs in a single view.

“Traditionally, marketing, product, and analytics teams have all relied on separate tools to do their jobs, but today, this siloed approach is no longer effective as organizations seek to understand how every decision and action impacts their most important metrics,” said Justin Bauer, chief product officer of Amplitude, in a statement. “With these customer needs in mind, we’re doubling down on digital analytics and investing in new tools that will provide holistic product insights faster. The introduction of campaign reporting, outcome metrics, and data tables make it easier for teams to consolidate their analytics solutions while expanding the metrics they can track across the end-to-end customer journey.”