AT&T Elevates Engagement With IPTF Click-to-Connect From Kandy


IPTF Click-to-Connect Gives All Businesses Access to Omnichannel Experience to Traditional Toll-free Calls

American Virtual Cloud Technologies, Inc.’s (AVCtechnologies) Kandy Communications business unit (Kandy) announced that IPTF Click-to-Connect is available to AT&T IP Toll-Free (IPTF) users. Together with Kandy, AT&T is helping to provide more businesses with the ability to transform their customer experience.

AT&T IPTF provides businesses with an inbound Voice over IP (VoIP) service that delivers toll-free voice calls directly to their business locations, permitting customers to call their business without incurring usage charges. With IPTF Click-to-Connect, AT&T is enabling their IPTF business customers to readily add chat, video, file sharing, screen share, or even co-browsing to an existing toll-free voice call for smartphones or browser-based users. Agents can assist users using the channel of their choice and significantly enhance end-user engagement and customer call resolution.

“Customers are more frequently choosing different methods to connect with the companies they do business with, including webchat and text. By providing new solutions that enable simple, efficient ways to interact, we are elevating the ability for businesses to serve their customers while delivering a more engaging and satisfying experience,” said John Ventura, Director, Product Management and Development, AT&T Business.

IPTF Click-to-Connect is all web-based with no software download required giving businesses a simpler way to enhance the customer experience. Paired with optional interactive voice response, IPTF Click-to-Connect can also help automate routine responses that can reduce call handling time and escalate to human service agents when required.

Users can click a link in an SMS text message, chat, or email to instantly call an agent. Smartphone users can go one step further, point their camera to scan a QR code found just about anywhere in print, signage, advertising, TV, or even online, and be connected directly to an agent.