Attensi Deploys Gamified Simulation Training For Customer Support foodpanda


Immersive, interactive training program deployed in seven countries and in multiple languages

Attensi has successfully deployed a cutting-edge, gamified simulation training solution internationally for foodpanda to deliver deeper knowledge, reduce time to competence and drive consistency.

Across seven countries and in multiple languages, foodpanda is using the Attensi solution to train its restaurant partners on best practices in dish preparation and operating protocols. In addition, foodpanda has also deployed Attensi’s solutions to train its contact center employees to ensure system adoption and best practices in customer service.

“Service quality is a priority for our team, as customers look to foodpanda for fuss-free deliveries wherever they are. Our job is to deliver a consistently positive experience to millions of users across the region every day, regardless of which country or city they’re located in. Attensi’s training has proved critical in ensuring consistency in our service quality, so we are able to provide high-quality customer interactions at our service centers across Asia,” said Rohit Appadurai, Head of Quality Assurance, Training & Knowledge, foodpanda.

Only months into Attensi’s collaboration with foodpanda, the initiative has already reaped impressive results: The Attensi solution is closing 89% of identified knowledge gaps, with 93% of trainees feeling confident in their knowledge after completing the curriculum. As just one example of learning effectiveness, a module training foodpanda workers on a key software program needed to process orders increased their score from 23% on their first attempt to 95% on their best attempt — a 313% increase. Overall, the program has led to increased scores on key KPIs assessing customer experience, business accuracy and compliance — with some territories showing a 10% increase of “Perfect Interaction” cases (where combined KPI scores are 100%).

In a sign of the benefits Attensi training can bring to the broader eCommerce industry, DX Ventures — the venture arm of foodpanda owner DeliveryHero — has also invested directly in Attensi as part of an overall strategy to support founder-led companies that are innovating in the food and grocery ecosystem around the world.