Bradshaw Taylor Enjoys The Real-time View


Outdoor and country goods retailer Bradshaw Taylor is looking to respond quickly to customer demand with new real-time view

Bradshaw Taylor has built a new centralized and integrated system, which sits on Microsoft Dynamics 365, replacing individual systems from Bradshaw Taylor’s seven brands.

This creates a single, connected platform that makes it easy for customers to place orders for any brand and enjoy a seamless process from order placement to payment and shipment.

As a result, orders now take seconds rather than hours to raise, even with larger customers who place more than 500 order lines a day. In turn, this has led to a reduction in customer service queries.

Internally, Bradshaw Taylor can now launch new brands quickly across the UK, Europe and the US; see business data such as shipping, insurance and duty in one place, offering a single and actionable source of truth for the company; and view all stock in warehouses in multiple countries, enabling better advance ordering.

Paddy Devlin, head of business technology at Bradshaw Taylor, said: “One of the biggest benefits is the single view of everything. Previously, order management was manual‐based and separate from our financials. Now they are all in one system, from the point the order is placed through to shipping, invoicing and automatic customer notifications. This ensures customers stay up to date with the status of their order.”