Brut and Carrefour Announce The Creation of Brut Shop


The joint company aims is to become the leader in the French social commerce market (live shopping). Brut Shop is a unique website via which users will be able to make online purchases while taking part in video events live-streamed on social networks.

Majority owned by Brut., Brut Shop will benefit from the expertise of its two founding partners:

○      Brut. is Europe’s leading impact digital media company, with some 70 million users. Brut. accounts for 39% of the media market on social networks in France and reaches everybody between the ages of 18 and 34.

○      Carrefour is a forerunner when it comes to social commerce in France with nearly 50 live shopping events in 2021. It has significantly bolstered its eCommerce activities and now gets more than 15 million unique monthly visitors to its sales websites in France.

As Europe’s leading live shopping event organizer, Brut. has fostered a unique relationship with millennials based on values of shared openness and a desire to get informed and be entertained in a different way. With Brut Shop, which is seeking to welcome numerous partners, this Brut. the community will be able to leverage a whole new live shopping experience with original formats enabling users to make informed choices.

In France, 60% of Carrefour customers say they are interested in live shopping. Moreover, fast-moving consumer goods brands indicate that they are increasingly interested in these sessions as it represents a new way to recruit young customers, speed up e-commerce conversion and improve both differentiation and customer engagement with their products.

Guillaume Lacroix, co-founder and CEO of Brut. said, “We are delighted to launch Brut Shop in partnership with Carrefour, which is not only a leading retailer but also a responsible brand with a strong social and environmental commitment. Our aim is to align everything that we develop with the values of openness and social and environmental responsibility which underscore Brut.’s identity. As Europe’s number one digital media platform for young people and the leader when it comes to live events, Brut. wants Brut Shop to be the leading website for social commerce or “live shopping” – something which is fast-growing in other countries throughout the world. Brut Shop is an open service designed to welcome an extremely diverse selection of brands, all brought together around one unique Brut-themed experience.”

Elodie Perthuisot, the Carrefour Group’s Executive Director of E-Commerce, Data and Digital Transformation said, “ Brut. and Carrefour combine the best of social media and retail to create the first community of live shoppers in Europe. By pooling our retail and social media strengths, our aim is to create the most powerful social commerce platform on the French market. This new community shopping experience will generate growth and value for both our companies.”

The social commerce market is one of the most powerful growth levers driving e-commerce in the world. It combines consumer habits on social media and their desire to interact with brands, live shopping is enjoying major growth – buoyed by the widespread use of these purchasing solutions by millennials and Gen Z. According to Accenture, the social commerce market is worth an estimated US$492 billion and is set to triple between now and 2025 (to reach US$1.2 trillion).

Live shopping is already widespread in China where – as of 2020 – 65% of consumers have already used it to order at least one product. In the US, the live shopping platform is growing in popularity: dozens of live shopping events are staged every day, and the major social networks are in the process of adding features and functions so that consumers can make their purchases in just one click directly from their websites.