C&A Adopts mParticle CDP to Power Omnichannel Customer Experience


mParticle, a provider of customer data infrastructure, announced that C&A, one of Europe’s fashion retailers, has selected the mParticle Customer Data Platform (CDP) as its customer data management infrastructure.

C&A plans to use mParticle to help them understand their customers’ engagement and bridge in-store and e-commerce retail experiences.

C&A is one of Europe’s leading retail clothing chains with hundreds of retail stores and a robust online catalog. The company is “consumer obsessed,” with a passion for meeting the needs of its customers. C&A maintains multiple customer touchpoints, including at retail locations, online, and on social media. By adopting mParticle CDP, C&A will be able to consolidate customer data from across these touchpoints to create a comprehensive picture of consumer needs and desires.

“The customer is at the heart of everything we do, so the understanding customer needs is essential,” said Julian Wilden, CDP Manager, at C&A. “As an omnichannel retailer, we need to make sense of customer interactions across all interactions to create actionable insights. Using mParticle CDP, we can create a data exchange within our marketing stack. Our goal is to break the boundaries between in-store and online retail to create seamless omnichannel journeys for our customers.”

C&A selected mParticle as its CDP platform after assessing platforms available in an increasingly fragmented Customer Data Platform market. The mParticle approach closely aligns with C&A’s customer-centric approach. mParticle stood out as the most experienced CDP provider with a platform built around customer data rather than specific applications and use cases. mParticle’s CDP also offered the flexibility and scalability required to support C&A’s growth.

Unlike Data Management Platforms (DMPs), mParticle’s CDP integrates data across all available channels and data repositories, mapping records to individuals to track transactions, interactions, and web behaviors. The mParticle CDP also ingests offline data held in the CRM to create a 360-degree view of the customer. mParticle functions in real-time, making high-quality customer data available to the marketing data stack immediately.

“C&A is developing an integrated retail strategy that spans brick-and-mortar and e-commerce sales. mParticle offers the ideal CDP platform to make sense of customer data across all channels,” said Rob Murphy, VP Sales EMEA at mParticle. “Like C&A, we believe the customer must come first. It’s important for C&A to have the right platform in place to keep track of customer interactions as their business expands.”