Clarks Tries On Returns Software


Global footwear retailer Clarks has signed a deal to help process online product returns and reduce its environmental footprint

Clarks has gone live with OtailO’s sustainable online product returns solution in the UK and is now looking to expand it to the United States.

It is using OtailO’s inspection mechanism to streamline specific return scenarios. This inspection enables Clarks to assess the condition of the return while it is still in the consumer’s hands and to take action accordingly. This enables more efficient business decisions and returns routing.

OtailO’s solution has already helped Clarks cut waste by removing pre-printed labels, and the retailer intends to remove all paperwork by the end of the year.


The new system, which makes it easy for online shoppers to return purchases through a straightforward web application has already managed to reduce customer calls around returns by 25%, turn 2,500 returns into exchanges, and save the retailer thousands of pounds in returns-associated costs.

Victor Bayata, Director of Customer Experience, Retail and Digital at Clarks, said: “Using OtailO’s customer-friendly technology, we’re simplifying our supply chain, and the inspection functionality has reduced ineligible returns, eliminating unnecessary reverse logistics, meaning there is less of a carbon footprint.”