Clearbit Launches Data Activation Platform for B2B Marketing


Clearbit, a Marketing Intelligence solutions company, announced their new Data Activation Platform – available immediately for B2B marketing teams focused on creating demand, capturing intent and optimizing their pipeline.

Over the past 18 months, the B2B marketing landscape has shifted significantly – and permanently. From the large number of prospects working from home to the shift toward online buying and reduced utility of cookies as identifiers, it’s become even more challenging – and critical – for B2B go-to-market teams to gain clear insight into their digital funnel. It’s now a business imperative for companies to have real-time intelligence about their target market, ideal customers and engaged prospects. Clearbit’s new, integrated platform provides that real-time intelligence – and empowers teams to apply it to each step of their customer journey.

“We’ve been fortunate to work with many of the most innovative B2B growth teams in the world, and they’ve taught us that it’s not just about having good data, it’s about activating that data to improve your funnel from top to bottom,” said Ross Moser, CEO of Clearbit. “The ability to apply real-time intelligence to each step of the customer journey – and optimize experiences in real-time – is what’s driving success for Clearbit’s customers.”

Clearbit’s new platform allows teams to easily discover and define ideal companies in their target market, leveraging Clearbit’s database of over 44 million companies, each with over 100 detailed firmographic and technographic attributes. Marketers can then use Clearbit to put that real-time intelligence to work – creating precise target audiences, enriching their CRM & MAP systems, personalizing their website and customer experience apps, and better targeting advertising and outreach campaigns.

“Clearbit allows Codility to create a seamless experience for our prospects,” said Travis Keeney, Senior Director, Growth at Codility. “Visitors land on a personalized web page, convert from a short form, get surfaced to sales based on reliable demographic data, and quickly become happy customers. We achieved hyper-growth in 2021 and Clearbit was instrumental in helping us get there.”

The Data Activation Platform brings together Clearbit’s industry-leading B2B data and flexible integrations with new capabilities to power frictionless, personalized customer experiences across the digital funnel. Key components of the platform include:

  • Clearbit’s B2B data and enrichment features – now combined with the Reveal system to unmask anonymous website visitors and monitor intent, giving teams the full picture about every prospect, lead and customer.
  • New ideal prospect discovery capabilities – allow marketers to look past their existing funnel to find best-fit prospects in Clearbit’s database of every company with a website.
  • Powerful audience management – enables teams to create precise company segments based on their Ideal Customer Profile, pulling data from their CRM, MAP and CDPs, and build campaigns, triggers and alerts to activate those audiences across systems.
  • Real-time integrations & APIs – empower teams to apply intelligence across their stack, whether applied to more precisely targeting ads, personalizing content and conversations, shortening website forms or optimizing pipeline.

“With their new platform, Clearbit has helped bring account-level insights into Salesforce that provide enormous value for our reps in the platform that they use the most,” said Lucy Gamble, Director of Marketing Operations at Grafana Labs. “This real-time intelligence on account behavior provides a way for our reps to customize and prioritize their outreach. We’ve also been able to leverage this Clearbit behavioral and demographic information to develop account quality scores that put the data to work where it will have the greatest impact.”