Clubhouse Rolls Out Support For Web Listening


Social audio app Clubhouse has introduced a new feature on the platform that will allow people to listen to a room using their phone, tablet or laptop’s web browser.

The web listening feature does not require the listener to download the app or log in.

The experimental feature is being rolled out in the US, with support for “most major browsers,” according to Clubhouse.

“If you find it useful, we’ll plan to expand support to cover more room types, more countries, and more parts of the full Clubhouse experience over time,” the audio platform noted in a post.

Separately, Clubhouse also updated the share button, making it easier for the users to share on Clubhouse, via a social network or a messaging app. Those who want to share information about a room using the ‘share on Clubhouse’ option, will be able to add a comment before sharing it with their followers. A version of the feature has started rolling out to iOS and Android users.

Clubhouse, which launched as an invite-only audio chat app, gained popularity after Elon Musk and Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev’s chat. It has added a number of features recently to improve the user experience on its platform, including the ability to record and replay conversations, wave, spatial audio technology, closed captioning, and support for over 25 local languages.

Several other companies have either entered or plan to enter into the social audio space, which takes interactions and conversations back to their origins.