CommentSold Launches Videeo, An Enterprise Live Video Commerce Solution


CommentSold, the commercial live selling platform, announced the launch of Videeo: a white-label, live video commerce technology for enterprises.

Videeo allows enterprises to deliver engaging, branded live video commerce experiences by easily integrating live selling into an online retailer’s existing ecommerce stack. This bolt-on lives commerce solution will be critical in increasing brand loyalty and customer engagement while driving increased repeat purchase rate and revenue growth.

Research shows at least 47% of consumers want more live video content from the brands they support, and 67% of live stream event viewers become repeat purchasers. It’s clear that live selling is gaining momentum: live commerce initiated sales could reach 10 to 20 percent of ecommerce sales by 2026. Enterprise retailers without an existing live video commerce strategy will face a major challenge in staying competitive. Now, with CommentSold’s Videeo, these retailers have the opportunity to meet the demand by establishing quality relationships with customers through visual entertainment and compulsive commerce on websites, social channels, and mobile apps.

“As consumer expectations and shopping behaviors continue to evolve, it’s proven that retailers that leverage live video commerce continue to experience major success,” said Brandon Kruse, CEO of CommentSold. “Videeo is the best-in-class solution that empowers large retailers to quickly implement live video commerce and create entertaining experiences consumers crave. As the leader in the space, we have years of proven industry-leading experience, working with thousands of retailers and shipping over 94 million items through our technology. Our unrivaled expertise drives our innovations and we are excited to continue to help our customers scale.”

Videeo brings enterprise retailers the ability to:

  • Go live everywhere at once – by streaming live shoppable videos across their website, social media platforms, and mobile apps, customers can easily make purchases via their preferred channel
  • Own their audience – transactions occur on the enterprise retailer’s existing e-commerce checkout and customer data remains in the enterprise retailer’s database to ensure privacy protection
  • Sell 24/7 – every live video sale is available on-demand in a programming library to allow customers to shop the replays on their own schedules easily

Videeo initially launched in early 2022 as a limited rollout to a select group of enterprise clients. Those early adopters have already experienced success with their initial foray into video commerce. CommentSold’s internal team of subject matter experts and strategists are instrumental in the platform’s success by providing white glove service for successful channel activations and providing scalable, ongoing coaching, support, and account strategy services.