Consilium, SAP Partner To Accelerate CX Initiatives


Consilium Software, a global provider of customer engagement solutions, announced the launch of a higher level of partnership with SAP, a global provider of enterprise application software solutions.

With the new agreement, Consilium becomes a SAP PartnerEdge partner, providing both companies a gateway to create new markets, accelerate innovation, and deliver customer success. The partnership enables Consilium as an independent software vendor (ISV) to advance the design, development, and commercialization of its software and direct integrated solutions using APIs from SAP software business applications.

As a part of this program, Consilium will expand the depth of SAP integrations in multiple products in its UniSuite AI-powered Customer Engagement Platform. Consilium’s UniAgent CTI-CRM connectors have integrated with SAP CRM, SAP Service Cloud and SAP Sales Cloud for several years. Clients of both organizations stand to benefit from the enhanced capability that will come from a higher level of investment and a shared commitment to delivering world-class customer experiences. In addition, Consilium will leverage the R&D, operations and partner advisory and support services reserved for SAP PartnerEdge partners.

“This is a new milestone in Consilium’s journey, and we would like to thank the SAP integration and certification team for their fantastic support. Our strategic partnership with SAP will enable organizations relying on SAP’s market-leading technology platforms to take advantage of Consilium’s high-quality, disruptive products with confidence. The SAP PartnerEdge program provides Consilium access to all relevant SAP technologies in one framework under a single, global contract. Consilium’s SAP-compatible products help customers achieve world-class digital CX quickly and cost-effectively and our customer interaction products for SAP cloud and on-premise CRMs can be embedded in the agent desktop for easy, contextual access at the point of customer interaction,” said Pramod Ratwani, Founder and CEO of Consilium Software.

“In recent months, clients have reported increases of traffic into their customer service and support functions by up to 10 times. To meet this mushrooming demand, Consilium is developing advanced solutions that increase contact center functionality and capacity by leveraging AI and hybrid technologies, resulting in improved scale and vastly better customer experience,” added Pramod Ratwani.