Conviva Launches On Google Cloud Marketplace


Delivering continuous, comprehensive, real-time insights and actionability to maximize viewer acquisition, engagement, and experience for global publishers.

Conviva, a continuous measurement analytics platform, announced its availability on Google Cloud Marketplace, expanding its partnership with Google Cloud and enabling seamless procurement and consolidated billing through a single channel.

“We are thrilled to bring Conviva to Google Cloud Marketplace,” said Keith Zubchevich, President & CEO, Conviva. “The entire media industry is undergoing a digital transformation as companies look to better leverage cloud technologies to future-proof their investments and extract faster actionable insights from their technologies, individual viewers, and audiences. We look forward to supporting Google Cloud customers by providing this one-stop-shop for purchasing Conviva through Google Cloud Marketplace.”

Conviva’s continuous measurement analytics platform comprehensively measures the viewing experience, from individual viewers down to every second of an active session.

Through one consistent and accurate data pipeline – powered by continuous sessionization and instantaneous server-side computation of real-time metrics – Conviva delivers full-census analytics into the hands of publishers for immediate actionability on real-world moments.

Teams throughout publisher organizations rely on these unified and trusted insights to drive faster business decisions, optimize delivery and performance on the fly, adapt to viewer engagement in real-time, and activate experience and audience intelligence across connected systems for deeper analysis, automation, and orchestration, customer care, and more.

Through the global reach of Google Cloud Marketplace, publishers can now access Conviva solutions faster, accelerating the time to value for digital transformation initiatives by providing the industry’s most trusted actionable insights to drive viewer acquisition, engagement, and loyalty for their streaming media businesses.

“Google is a key strategic partner of Conviva,” said James Shears, VP of Business Development at Conviva. “In addition to our strategic partnership with Google Cloud, we are enabling Conviva customers to deliver data easily feeds directly to destinations like Google BigQuery for analysis and machine learning, and we continue to develop new and innovative ways to deliver data faster into other areas of the Google Cloud ecosystem.”

“As media and entertainment companies look to unlock new opportunities in streaming, there’s a growing need for businesses to digitally transform and support a customer-centric, data-driven model that can adapt to evolving customer preferences,” said Kip Schauer, Global Head of Media and Entertainment Partnerships at Google Cloud. “We’re excited to have the Conviva platform available on the Google Cloud Marketplace to deliver customers a single source of truth across business units, enabling organizations and their teams with the actionable insights needed to support this transformation for publishers.”