CXera Launches CXera Marketplace for Great CX


CXera announced the immediate availability of CXera Marketplace, a community dedicated to enable great customer experiences.

CXera Marketplace enables CXera customers and partners to share microsite templates that help organizations quickly customize, create and share microsites to stay digitally connected, educate and collaborate with customers on topics such as:

  • New Customer Onboarding
  • Self Serve Customer Onboarding
  • Sales to Customer Success Handoff
  • Customer Renewal and Expansion
  • Problem Resolution and Save Business Scenarios
  • Ongoing Customer Health Check with Action Plans
  • Product Launch & Update Events

CXera microsites aren’t simple landing pages. Microsite templates consist of customizable banners, prescriptive steps, task lists, survey questions and content that can be easily adapted to meet the discrete needs of each organization and their customers. In addition, podcasts related to templates provide immediate coaching to best utilize templates developed by industry-leading companies and experts that get CX.

“CXera Marketplace is a game changer in the Customer Experience (CX) and Customer Success market as organizations look for ways to jump start improving CX,” said Craig Nelson, CXera President. “Ready to use templates available today with coaching enables the disciplines as defined by CX experts focused on making great customer experiences possible and repeatable.”