Delivery Options Top the Wish List for Black Friday Shoppers

Delivery Options Top the Wish List for Black Friday Shoppers

According to the survey of almost 10,000 online shoppers, 50% of respondents said that they would opt for faster delivery.

A poll by nShift, a parcel delivery management platform, has found that 70% of Black Friday shoppers look for free deliveries, alongside low product prices, before buying, 

The survey of almost 10,000 online shoppers further found that delivery options top the list of purchase incentives for consumers. In addition to free deliveries:

  • 50% of respondents would opt for faster delivery
  • 28% would buy if they were offered appropriate delivery options reflecting their needs

Other commonly used incentives are less popular with shoppers. Only 10% of respondents said discount codes for other retailers would be a strong enough incentive. 7% agreed gift packaging would encourage purchase. Loyalty programs were selected by just 6% of respondents.

Sean Sherwin-Smith, Product Director Post Purchase at nShift, said: “Our poll shows just how important deliveries are to customers today. For them, the delivery experience is the continuation of their customer journey. Retailers can ill-afford to outsource this critical process to just one or two carriers. They need to give customers real choice and flexibility over the delivery of their purchases, as well as returns. 

“In practice, that means having access to a wide variety of carriers, including high-speed and low-emissions options. It also entails a slick customer experience which is intuitive, reassuring, and simple for customers to navigate.”