Delta Air Lines Unveils Parallel Reality To Enhance CX


Delta Air Lines announced it would launch the PARALLEL REALITY beta experience for travelers at Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

As part of a new deal with Misapplied Sciences, the technology allows up to 100 customers to simultaneously see personalized content tailored to their journey on a single digital screen.

Customers who opt into the experience will see customized flight and wayfinding information, with each viewer getting a personalized experience, even as they stand next to dozens of other travelers experiencing their own customized content.

“The spirit of innovation is a driving force across Delta,” Delta vice president of innovation Matt Muta said. “We’re constantly searching for ways to innovate to improve the customer experience meaningfully.”

“With the PARALLEL REALITY technology, we saw an opportunity to transform another aspect of the airport journey into seamless, personalized and wholly unexpected,” Muta continued.

Found in Concourse A of the McNamara Terminal, travelers passing through the Detroit airport who scan their boarding passes or identification card can see personalized messages, flight information, or boarding times as they walk past the digital screen.

People using the technology will be asked to share their input directly with Delta as the airline looks to understand its usefulness and efficiency before potentially expanding to other airports.

“This technology truly must be seen to be believed,” Delta senior vice president of customer experience Ranjan Goswami said. “We can’t wait for customers to experience the ease and convenience it can bring to their journeys, especially when paired with the wayfinding and personalization capabilities of the Fly Delta app.”

Qualifying digital identity customers will be able to activate facial recognition as they approach the PARALLEL REALITY screen, as the camera will recognize the customer to customize their information. Delta customers can use their passport number and TSA PreCheck or Global Entry membership as a digital ID.