Discord Imports Text To Voice Channels


Discord has added text-based chat as an option in its voice channels, augmenting the voice-based chat rooms with an additional communication channel.

The upgrade offers a way to share links, text, and images more easily than needing to jump between channels and better entices Discord users to engage on the voice channels.

Discord Chat

Discord will release the text feature to every Discord server by June 29. Community servers will need to choose to opt-in and activate text chat, but those on servers without community features will see text chat appear automatically.

Discord voice channels are often set up in tandem with a text-based chat channel by hosts, especially if there are multiple voice chat rooms. The text chat feature provides a streamlined way of communicating on the voice channels without needing to navigate multiple channels to share a link they might mention verbally or respond to something someone says without speaking up. The feature comes with Discord’s usual permission settings for moderators, so they don’t go off the rails. Server operators can decide which voice channels come with text chat and who can use them, and the text channel moderation bots will also be in the new channels.

“A Discord server should have a home for any conversation, including a space where those in Voice can collaborate and share. There’s finally a good home for those looking to post things to share with their friends participating in a call: Text chat in Voice channels,” Discord explained in a blog post. “Text chat in Voice has a few new tricks that make chat feel more like home in a Voice channel. All Voice channels now have a dedicated Chat bubble icon, ready for any and every message, link, emoji, sticker, or GIF your heart desires to post. When someone posts in a Voice channel’s chat you’re participating in, you’ll see new message previews pop up on the top right-hand corner of the app. Stay caught up without having to open chat each time someone posts; even those without a mic will feel more involved when their message pops up for everyone to see.”

Social Audio Texts

The text channel connection mirrors similar options in Clubhouse and other social audio apps, which are still quite popular, even if not at the heights they reached last year. Discord’s history in the medium led to its experiments like Stage Channels, a social audio digital space for events and shows, and the since shuttered Stage Discovery tool for finding such shows. The company’s heart is still peer-to-peer communication, and Discord’s enormous growth in the last few years, plus the $500 million raised last year, ensures there will probably be plenty more new ways to use the platform to come.