Dixa Acquires Miuros and Solvemate


Danish customer engagement platform Dixa has acquired analytics leader Miuros and automation firm Solvemate.

In line with Dixa’s long-term vision to set a new standard in experience and conversational customer service, the double-acquisition is valued at $43 million. The merger of the two companies also completes Dixa’s new service offering of a bespoke messaging product, scheduled for launch in March 2022.

Mads Fosselius, CEO and co-founder of Dixa, said; “To create value-driven experiences, brands need a complete platform that leverages data, AI and machine learning to deliver the right knowledge to customers, support agents and internal teams at the right time.”

“In being able to draw on our data-rich foundation and existing knowledge base, Elevio, the addition of Miuros and Solvemate will allow service leaders to leverage data on a new scale for automation, measurement and insights from a single platform, setting an entirely new standard in data-driven customer service.”

Berlin-based Solvemate is a customer service platform that uses conversational AI to enable brands to give instant and reliable answers via any customer-facing channel. It helps users handle end-to-end customer journeys in a more intelligent and conversational way.

Erik Pfannmöller, CEO & Co-founder of Solvemate, added: “Powered by smart conversational AI, Solvemate allows brands to create highly personalized chatbot conversations at scale, guiding customers to find answers when they need them. Reducing the number of common, repetitive requests handled by agents means that service teams can focus their expertise where it matters most: solving the more complex cases which require a human touch. “By giving consumers faster solutions and taking away noise for agents, we share Dixa’s ambition to service a multi-experience world for delivering unparalleled customer service.”

French-based Miuros offers customer service analytics solutions, using AI to boost agent productivity and help managers make better, data-driven decisions.

Benoit Gagnon, CEO & Co-founder of Miuros, said; “Dixa is the only platform that can turn a traditional customer service organization into a value creation team by elevating both the agent and customer experience, and we’re delighted to be joining during such an exciting period.

“Miuros was designed to bring customer service data to life, creating actionable insights to streamline operations, as well as empowering the whole company to create an outstanding customer experience.”

Both Miuros and Solvemate serve a combined global customer base of more than 200 enterprise brands.