Drive-Thru Solutions Aid Restaurants with POS and Loyalty 


Drive-Thru Solutions, Inc, home of the FlyThruDriveThru, with offices in the Annapolis, MD, and Atlanta, GA metro areas, announce their formation. Drive-Thru Solutions, Inc. (D-TSI) mission is to elevate Drive-Thru customer convenience while increasing D-T sales within the restaurant’s existing POS and Loyalty applications.

Steven McLendon, CEO, stated “FlyThruDriveThru utilizes advanced RFID technology, detecting the Drive-Thru customers’ arrival, automating order entry.” The outcome provides contactless ordering and rewards/loyalty payment recognition while integrating with leading POS, Merchant Services & Loyalty platforms. Steven reiterated, “FlyThruDriveThru’s™ purpose is to elevate both the customer and restaurant employee experience.”

To that point, Robert Bona, COO remarked, “with the support of Zebra Technologies, we have taken RFID to unmatched levels including customer recognition and order presentation to the Point-of-Sale system.” We are automating D-T order entry with 100% accuracy providing the ultimate in customer convenience coupled with Drive-Thru productivity.” Further, FlyThruDriveThru requires absolutely “no action on the customer’s part” to announce their arrival, place their order and payment preference.

FlyThruDriveThru increases Drive-Thru productivity, enabling employees to perform different tasks while ensuring the order was processed correctly. Considering current levels of restaurant employee turnover and hiring and training costs, FlyThruDriveThru™ pays for its-self by reducing turnover and training costs over and above a 10-20% increase in D-T productivity.