Genpro Digitizes Operations And Transforms CX With Turvo’s Collaborative TMS


Turvo, a provider of the world’s leading collaboration application designed for the supply chain, announced that Genpro, Inc., a New Jersey-based 3PL, has digitized its operations and enhanced its customer experience with Turvo’s Collaborative TMS.

Since the deployment in mid-2021, 100% of Genpro’s shipment transactions, from order entry through financial closeout, have flowed through Turvo’s software. The partnership combines Genpro’s 30+ years of success in the logistics service industry with Turvo’s best-of-breed technology for a digital, customer-first approach to offering third-party logistic services.

Genpro’s business is rooted in strong corporate culture, decades of industry experience, and hard-earned customer and carrier relationships. With Turvo, innovation is added to this model, and Genpro can now manage its business on a single platform — across sales, operations, and finance. Turvo eliminates manual processes, increases efficiencies, boosts productivity, and provides better customer and employee experiences. These new capabilities differentiate Genpro from traditional 3PLs with a modern user interface and unique sharing capabilities offering its customers real-time visibility and collaboration. The enhanced technology platform enables Genpro to continue to provide solutions to a level that now surpasses any of its traditional or digital competitors. 

“Genpro provides a case study for how to future-proof and scale a proven 3PL with tech. By leveraging Turvo’s cutting edge collaboration platform and TMS, Genpro has digitally transformed operations and better connected with their customers,” said Scott Lang, Turvo’s Chairman and CEO. “In today’s market, customers expect their 3PLs to be connected and responsive, and our collaborative TMS makes this possible.”

Turvo’s multi-tenant approach allows Genpro to work with customer and carrier partners in a single view, in real-time. This leading-edge approach has allowed Genpro to offer its customers an end-to-end platform that supports enhanced efficiencies for internal users, while also featuring self-service access to information for its customers and carriers.

“Investors are pouring money into supply chain digitization and creating a technology arms race, that’s really raising expectations among shippers and carriers, perhaps at a loss of the importance of operational competency,” said Robert Goldstein, CEO, Genpro. “Turvo’s software levels the playing field for those of us who are not in the software business but operationally sound because it enables us to provide our customers and carriers with a market-leading technology and experience.”

“We’re able to say “yes” to growth in a way that we never could before,” said Goldstein. “Turvo’s streamlined workflows and collaboration functionality supports rapid volume growth and expansion of service offerings while also controlling operational costs. We can engage our customers in a more strategic way with regard to their business and support their objectives with complimentary service and technology solutions.”