Google Cloud Launches New AI Solutions To Modernise Online Shopping


Google Cloud has launched four new and updated AI solutions for ecommerce designed to “modernise the online shopping experience”

The machine learning technologies have been designed to help retailers boost consumer browsing capabilities, transform in-store shelf-checking processes, provide better product recommendations and offer a more natural and personalised online shopping experience.

“Upheavals over the last few years have reshaped the retail landscape and the tools retailers need to be more efficient, more compelling to their customers, and less exposed to future shocks,” said Google Cloud VP of Retail and Consumer Carrie Tharp.

“Despite the uncertainty, the retail industry has enormous opportunity. The leaders of tomorrow will be those who address today’s most pressing in-store and online challenges with the newest technology tools, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.”

A state-of-the-art shelf-checking AI solution, built on the Google Cloud Vertex AI Vision, will help retailers improve product availability, avoiding the problem of low or no inventory in-store.

By tapping into Google’s extensive product and image database, retailers can use the new technology to recognise billions of products and translate that data into actionable insights, ensuring shelves are right-sized and well-stocked.

Retailers can use a wide variety of imagery to identify products – ranging from a ceiling-mounted camera, an associate’s mobile phone, or a store-roaming robot on shelf-checking duty.

Meanwhile, research commissioned by Google Cloud found that 75% of shoppers prefer brands that personalise interactions and outreach to them, while 86% want a brand that understands their interests and preferences.

As such, further updates to Google Cloud’s AI solutions include a new personalisation and browsing feature which will help retailers upgrade their digital storefronts and transform the digital window shopping experience.

A ‘Recommendations’ solution will also optimise product ordering and recommendations panels while delivering personalised suggestions for repeat purchases.

As with all Google Cloud solutions, retailers own their data, meaning information on customer preferences remains fully within their control.