Google Rolls Out Ad Creative Studio Globally


Google has announced that its Ads Creative Studio, officially launched after a beta last year, is now available globally. According to Google, “after a successful beta period, the platform is now globally available with more features to help teams collaborate, create and customize the display and video ads.”

Google cited research showing that consumers expect — and prefer — relevant ads, with 80% of viewers saying they are more open to advertising or branded content relevant to them, with Google adding that “this experience in practice, and at any kind of scale, can be complex and cost prohibitive, especially for video ads.”

In a blog post, Google highlighted features, such as Ad Customization, that allow advertisers or creators to create multiple versions of a single display or video ad. The ads can be customized for different audiences, locations, languages, or contexts.

Users can also now export images from the Ads Creative Studio asset library to any linked account’s Google Ads asset library, meaning they can more easily find those images and use them when assembling creatives for Performance Max campaigns, for example.

Google cited two real-world use examples by brands:

PepsiCo wanted to increase associations of the bubly brand with different contexts like house parties, barbecues, sports viewing and more. The company ran an experiment using customized videos built in Ads Creative Studio to see if occasion-specific messages aimed at relevant audiences could drive higher brand lift. PepsiCo found that campaigns with creative showing social gathering and food pairing situations were most effective. The path to customization was smoother and more efficient and, with a single tool, the team could standardize processes across functions.

In another instance, General Motors South America wanted to boost brand awareness of the Cruze 5 model. The brand decided to customize beyond the basics and needed to produce 14 unique ads without sacrificing time, budget or resources. Using Ads Creative Studio, the brand reduced costs by 30% and the campaign saw a 56% increase in Google searches for “Chevrolet Cruze” and a reduction in cost per view of 32% compared to the industry benchmark.