How Pizza Hut Uses Alexa Prompts in its Smart Speaker Ads


Pizza Hut has launched a smart speaker ad campaign that enables customers to claim a discount against Pizza Hut orders by saying; “Alexa, Open Pizza Hut Delivery” when they hear the Pizza Hut ad on digital radio stations. The command will offer listeners a choice of accessing more product information or claiming their coupon straight away. 

The campaign, developed in partnership with voice assistant ad tech firm, Say It Now, and performance marketing agency, Navigate, aims to reach millions of listeners via smart speaker devices. UK Government research shows that 39% of UK Adults have access to a smart speaker at home, and in a 202 study carried out by Juniper Research, analysts predicted that the growing use of voice assistants will drive the value of smart home payments to $164bn (£139bn) in 2025. Leading brands and global media agencies are looking to harness the potential of the emerging marketing channel. Say It Now was recently selected as the voice partner of choice for Group M, the media investment company, responsible for more than $50bn in annual media investment

“Customer convenience is a central part of our offering, and actionable audio adverts – now being used to share our discount code – slot in with our easy order options that include the Pizza Hut mobile app and website,” said Nicola Keane, Head of Digital Marketing at Pizza Hut. “We are thrilled to trial smart speaker voice adverts on Amazon Alexa devices that use the Say It Now ‘send to phone’ Alexa feature and enhance our easy order options. We are committed to providing an easy pizza experience – from order to delivery – and this innovative conversational technology allows us to follow through on this commitment in new and exciting ways.”