Instagram’s Chronological Feed Is Coming Back


Instagram Head Adam Mosseri took to Twitter to announce that tests are underway to bring the chronological feedback to the app.

The chronological feed won’t be the new default, though. Instead, Instagram gives users the option to choose between three different views based on what they prefer to see on the app.

These views include Home, which functions the same as the app does in its current state, showing posts based on what Instagram thinks you would be interested in, regardless of whether or not you follow the accounts. Mosseri notes that “most people don’t get through most of their feeds.

The nest is Favorites, which will show accounts that are starred as favorites, so you don’t miss out on anything from these accounts. Finally, the Following view will be a chronological list of posts only from accounts you follow.

These changes are being announced as Instagram faces heat over its detrimental effects on teens and their mental health. Instagram has been called out over its recommendations, with users complaining that it directs teens to accounts that could contribute to a negative self-image.

Mosseri says that this new change will allow users to easily customize their view to their liking, which could help deter teens away from the harmful effects of Instagram’s algorithm. Furthermore, Instagram has rolled out its “Take a Break” feature to nudge users away from the app after a certain amount of time.

The Instagram feed changes should be rolling out now and over the next couple of weeks as Instagram tests the experience. Mosseri hopes to roll out the “full experience” by the first half of the year. Instagram is also planning to introduce additional parental controls.