Iterable Partners With SMS Platform Telnyx


Iterable, the customer activation platform that helps brands deliver joyful experiences at a massive scale, announced an exciting new product and partnership with global SMS platform Telnyx.

These new features and capabilities are designed to help brands harmonize experiences across interaction channels – a key pillar of Iterable’s vision to deliver joyful CX for every organization globally.

Delivering Harmonized Cross-Channel Experiences

According to Harvard Business Review, 73% of consumers use multiple channels in their buying journey. This hyper-connected consumer demands a consistent experience across every channel – email, social media, mobile app, website, etc. However, most brands have a gap between their customer data stack and their interaction channels and can’t easily activate engagement across channels with exactitude for millions of customers. Iterable’s new capabilities are designed to remedy this and enable marketers to meet consumer demands and build frictionless cross-channel communications with ease.

“The pandemic profoundly affected how people live, work, and interact with the world around them. But while people are more digitally connected now than ever before, they feel emotionally distant and are looking for opportunities to fill that void,” shares Bela Stepanova, VP of Product at Iterable. “To build trust and loyalty with today’s consumer, businesses need to deliver experiences that drive long-term and authentic relationships. As the only platform built to activate customer data across all touchpoints and channels, Iterable ensures that cross-channel connection is easy, efficient, and effective.”

Automate Rich Customer Journeys with Iterable’s New Studio

Whether designing a welcome series, win-back journey, or promotion and engagement push, marketers must have the right data and a unified visual platform. That’s what Iterable’s all-new studio delivers. The studio combines Iterable’s world-class data engine with an approachable and intuitive no-code user interface (UI), Aurora UX, making it easy to visually design and harmonize rich experiences across channels without relying on technical resources. Additional Studio UI enhancements, like side-by-side interaction between studio and editing, a new flowchart interface, and drafts, were designed to enhance and facilitate collaboration between marketing colleagues, ensuring marketing teams can build harmonized experiences together, which is easier than ever before.

New Global SMS/MMS Partnership with Telnyx

With over 95% of the global population actively on their smartphones throughout the day – 5 billion of whom send and receive SMS messages – mobile has become a potent tool for marketers to connect with consumers worldwide. To help marketers fully activate the full potential of SMS, Iterable has expanded its SMS partnerships with Telnyx, a carrier-direct SMS/MMS provider that reaches over 230 countries with unmatched scale, deliverability, and support. With Iterable and Telynx, marketers have more options, flexibility, and competitive pricing for their SMS and MMS sends globally, ensuring that SMS can be easily and affordably integrated into the cross-channel toolkit of every brand.

“SMS is a compelling means of connecting with customers and is a core part of a high-impact cross-channel communications strategy. Still, many marketers have faced considerable barriers to integrating SMS into their cross-channel collection – like high cost, complex global connectivity and regulatory challenges, and lacking support – ultimately leading to opportunities and revenue lost,” shares David Casem, co-founder and CEO at Telnyx. “These are pain points that Telnyx was built to relieve, and we’re thrilled to bring our mobile channel capabilities to Iterable’s customers. With Iterable and Telnyx, marketers will be able to unlock the full potential of SMS marketing with ease, comfort, and confidence.” 

Create Immersive Web Experiences with a Simple Drag and Drop

Iterable’s Web In-App enables the creation of targeted, personalized messaging to desktop and mobile website users alike; marketers can create frictionless cross-channel customer experiences easier than ever before. Web-In App includes an updated template creation experience with customizable form factors and drag-and-drop accessibility, new campaign targeting abilities, and In-App workflow web connections. With these capabilities, marketers of any technical ability can create personalized, harmonized experiences for customers at scale. 

Joyful Experiences for Customers and Consumers

Additional updates and enhancements included in this Seasonal Release further empower marketers with the tools they need to create harmonized cross-channel experiences for their customers, including:

  • An all-new drag-and-drop editor, enhanced campaign creation experience, and mobile creation capabilities
  • iOS15 notification summary updates provide marketers peace of mind that their critical messages were delivered
  • An expanded rollout of Iterable’s Aurora UX creates a more approachable and intuitive experience for building reusable content across all channels
  • Redesigned User Profiles which, powered by Iterable’s first-class data model, improve how marketers see, access, and deploy customer user data and sets a new standard for data activation.

Iterable’s Seasonal Release underlines the company’s commitment to constant innovation and execution and ensures that Iterable’s customers can continue to deliver joyful experiences to consumers around the world.