Kingfisher Installs New OMS


Home improvement retail giant Kingfisher is deploying a new Order Management System (OMS) across its B&Q stores

Kingfisher will be using Fluent Commerce’s OMS solution to enable a centralized view of inventory across locations and greater flexibility in response to changing circumstances or customer demands. 

Fluent Commerce’s API-led flexible architecture allows the company to make incremental functional changes without any service disruption quickly. Furthermore, Kingfisher and B&Q can now provide consistent product availability to employees and customers for improved order fulfillment, fewer canceled orders and fewer customer support calls. 

Sienne Veit, group digital product and platform director at Kingfisher, said: “At Kingfisher, we’re focused on improving the online experience for our customers and are continuously looking for innovative ways to make sure shopping with us is quick and easy. By deploying Fluent Order Management, we will be able to have a consistent view of our inventory, meaning we can be much more agile in response to our customer’s needs. “