Linnworks to Host Inaugural Marketplace Expansion Event


Commerce automation platform Linnworks is virtually hosting Meet the Marketplace, the first-ever marketplace expansion event from March 8 to 10. The event will bring together leading direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands and innovative sales channels.

According to Linnworks research, 96% of retailers accelerated their company’s adoption of new sales channels as a direct result of the pandemic. The event aims to empower brands as they evolve their online sales channels.

Meet the Marketplace will also feature an opening keynote from Alex Becker, VP of Sales at Linnworks, and a panel discussion with Mirakl and SPS Commerce.

“Our Meet the Marketplace event is a unique opportunity for brands that are ready to explore marketplace expansion, but don’t have the time or bandwidth required to explore each individually,” said Callum Campbell, CEO at Linnworks. “We know that navigating the available channels and understanding which are best for your own business growth strategy can feel overwhelming. Every marketplace is different, from region to categories to merchant fees, so Linnworks has brought them together for you to explore and find the right fit for your business.”

The event will include participants from 14 major marketplace providers, including industry leaders eBay and Amazon, who are integrated with Linnworks’ platform – many of whom will feature exclusive special offers during the event for any business that registers, including free months subscriptions, discounted advertising budget, prioritized onboarding, and more.

Earlier this month, Linnworks announced the launch of a new integration with eBay Fulfillment by Orange Connex (eF), which allows Linnworks customers to have visibility of their eBay Fulfillment activity, while seamlessly tracking orders and inventory levels. Linnworks customers can expect the eBay Fulfillment by Orange Connex to help simplify logistics, a core part of operations for eCommerce businesses.