LivePerson To Deliver Curiously Human Digital Experiences


LivePerson, a Conversational AI provider, announced new AI capabilities and integrations to help brands deliver Curiously Human digital experiences — experiences that understand, connect, and deliver outcomes for brands and consumers.

Powered by nearly one billion conversational interactions per month on the company’s Conversational Cloud, LivePerson’s AI interprets and simplifies complex customer inquiries, helping customer care, sales, and marketing teams deliver and automate meaningful conversations with their consumers.

The new capabilities announced — including advanced routing and self-learning technology, integrations with thousands of apps brands and consumers use every day, and better ways to track and deliver conversational commerce — help the company take a giant leap forward toward making digital experiences feel Curiously Human.

Optimize customer engagement with routing, self-learning, and new automations

LivePerson’s new AI-powered dynamic routing and actions capabilities understand a consumer’s intent and sentiment, using this insight to automatically route conversations to the best qualified bot or agent.

Dynamic routing can now be deployed quickly and easily, with a no-to-low code interface making it easy to drag-and-drop bots and policies directly into conversational flows. This marks a major departure from traditional rules-based routing decisions that are hard-coded into systems with professional services. Dynamic routing can also be customized based on parameters like day of the week, sales campaigns, supply chain issues, and much more. For example, a brand can create a policy based on shopping cart value to automatically prioritize and direct a high-value consumer to the best agent to increase the likelihood of conversion and maximize sales.

Extend the value of AI to consumers and brands through integrations

LivePerson also announced the general availability of new integrations that connect its Conversational Cloud to the apps and services brands and consumers use every day. With over 34 billion API calls each month across the LivePerson platform, brands can easily discover, activate, configure, and monitor thousands of integrations in one place through LivePerson’s self-service, no-code interface.

Deliver better outcomes for conversational commerce

LivePerson’s new commerce capabilities help brands capture the massive opportunity of conversational commerce, attribute it correctly, and even automate commerce conversations right out of the box.

With the debut of LivePerson’s sales attribution tech, marketing and sales leaders can now track and give credit for cross-channel sales to agents or bots who participated in conversations and shared links to products or services.

Build trust and community with Curiously Human digital experiences

“In today’s digital world, people crave more personalized, humanized experiences. Brands have a massive opportunity to provide and scale these experiences with us because our Conversational AI makes millions of conversations as personal as one,” said Rob LoCascio, founder and CEO of LivePerson. “The vision we’ve unveiled today will give people greater access to trusted conversations that fulfill their most important intentions around everything from daily tasks and shopping to long-term health and finance goals.”