LIVSN Opts for Brightpearl Retail Operating System


US-based clothing brand LIVSN has deployed Brightpearl’s retail operating system.

After considering traditional ERP, Netsuite, but finding it ‘clunky and complex’, LIVSN chose Brightpearl for its intuitive, out-of-the-box features.

It now has access to an Automation Engine that will scratch tedious manual tasks off the to-do list.

Spreadsheets previously used to fill gaps can now be canned, with the brand instead of having a simplified central hub that acts as a single source of truth.

Following a 120-day implementation, the company has also gained accurate demand forecasting, advanced accounting, warehouse management and real-time insight into its orders, financials, and inventory.

Brightpearl offers API access and plugs and play integrations, which means brands like LIVSN can link seamlessly with third-party apps such as its e-commerce platform Shopify, alongside marketing automation platform Mailchimp and fulfillment provider Shipstation.

The team at LIVSN are all about simplifying and having more time, so it’s easy to see why we were an attractive partner for them,” says Justin Press, SVP Customer Success at Brightpearl.

“Cumbersome, traditional ERPs and time-consuming manual processes are killers when it comes to expansion. We’re delighted to offer LIVSN the cutting-edge tools and support they need to grow fearlessly.”