Lusha Launches ‘Warm Outbound’ Capabilities


Lusha, the B2B go-to-market intelligence platform, announced the launch of its ‘Warm Outbound’ capabilities, enabling customers to identify and reach millions of market-ready prospects directly

The new product suite enables data-driven sales signals to identify the products and services companies are interested in and how close they are to buying. As a result, marketing and sales teams can make warm outbound approaches, meeting prospects when they are ready, mature, and with a propensity to buy. Combined with Lusha’s highly-accurate, dynamic, and crowdsourced prospect data, sales executives can easily reach the right prospects, at the right time, with minimal effort.

In today’s volatile economic climate, companies continue to rein in their spending – reducing manpower and cutting costs wherever possible. Marketing budgets are under heavy scrutiny resulting in fewer inbound leads for sales teams to close and causing many to worry about hitting revenue targets in 2023. As a result, go-to-market leaders are striving for efficiency in 2023, eagerly seeking means to produce more with less and looking for innovative approaches to sales tactics beyond cold outreach.

“In a stable economy, outbound sales outreach is overlooked due to the incoming flow of prospects through marketing efforts. As markets change and budgets are cut, go-to-market teams have to be more proactive in their tactics, making outbound sales efforts a must,” said Yoni Tserruya, Co-founder and CEO of Lusha. “Lusha’s Warm Outbound capabilities pair our highly accurate prospect database with real-time buyer intent data to make outbound efforts more effective and efficient, enabling teams to target relevant prospects at precisely the right time.”

Lusha currently offers customers the ability to identify their ideal customer profiles (ICPs) based on attributes such as industry, job title, and geographic location. Lusha’s Warm Outbound capabilities and intent data add “Likelihood to Buy” – the likelihood of them purchasing a company’s product or service, by measuring a collection of behavioural signals that can be used to determine the purchasing intent of in-market prospects. When companies search for solutions in the market, they leave ‘buying signals’ which are analysed using AI and machine learning algorithms. This actionable intent data is then combined with advanced ICP parameters and the highly accurate contact information in the Lusha platform, enabling sales teams to conduct warm outbound based on these signals.

Lusha’s Warm Outbound suite also introduces two additional features. The Job Change Filter enables users to prioritise prospects based on recent job changes, enabling them to identify prospects when they are fresh in position and ready to explore new opportunities. Users can create customisable alerts to notify them when key contacts switch jobs or take on new roles. The Technology Filter provides data on the technology stacks prospects are employing, helping salespeople pinpoint prospects in need of their solutions and tailor their outreach accordingly.

Lusha gathers its Warm Outbound signals from a variety of sources, including through integration with leading intent data provider Bombora, to enrich its current database with insights at a company level. Bombora monitors content consumption at a business level through an exclusive collection of the most highly trafficked premium business publishers, analysts, vendors, and content syndication providers.

The intent data, combined with the alerts and filter features, provide actionable insights to allow sales representatives, customer success, and marketing teams to bring in high-quality opportunities via prioritised targeted outreach and personalised messaging that accelerates revenue.