Masterpiece International Launches ATLAS, Its Enhanced CX Portal


Innovative technology enhances Masterpiece International’s premium services and provides a best-in-class customer experience portal

Masterpiece International revealed its new customer experience portal, ATLAS by Masterpiece. ATLAS is a secure platform offering clients world-class supply chain visibility with accurate, continuous monitoring supported by analysis and delivered to a dynamic dashboard, providing the power to surface critical data anytime, anywhere.

The ATLAS by Masterpiece solution was developed to satisfy the increasing global pressure on supply chains and the need for advanced technology solutions to provide an intuitive experience with on-demand data. The technology team worked to solve the unique challenges associated with secure collaboration in a continued remote workforce, secure document sharing needs, and up-to-the-minute reporting and analytics. “The addition of Atlas by Masterpiece enhances our premium logistics service offerings, supported by an industry-leading technology suite of services,” said Brian Summers, Vice President of Technology.

“We are pleased to provide our clients with a modern technology solution to manage complicated and sensitive supply chains,” said Thomas Gilgen, President of Masterpiece International Logistics Solutions, “ATLAS by Masterpiece solves the challenges of collaboration across time zones, reduces confusion and manual reporting by automating critical milestones in supply chains and adding visibility to each step.”

User-friendly with a dynamic design, collaborative interface, and real-time alerts, ATLAS by Masterpiece can be shared with critical stakeholders. See how ATLAS by Masterpiece empowers customers globally to improve visibility, reduce risk, and avoid delays.